What we offer


Technical Due Diligence

When it comes to investing in businesses that are highly dependent on software it is worth – and sometimes mandatory – to invest resources in technical due diligence (TDD).  We provide thorough TDD for any project you are undertaking – Investments, Mergers, and Acquisitions.

Such businesses usually carry a high investment-risk and this is because most software solutions are implemented at rapid pace, implementations often deviate significantly from specifications, and capabilities are often overstated while shortcomings are often glossed over.


Financial Process Design

Whatever the technology solution your deploying a series of information should be provided clearly to the user. We have designed processes for a wide variety of loans and insurance products ensuring the right customer outcomes, every time.

Implementing your TCF  policy into a process and knowing when to show an IDD and your T&Cs is core to creating a compliant process.


Compliance & Cyber Reviews

Are you stepping over the line with PCI, want to ensure GDPR compliance when asking for personal data or just want to keep the hackers a little further from your door?

We can review your system and recommend improvements to remain compliant and safe. A few small changes often significantly improve the safety of your systems and users data.

Our Company

Our team of experts will help find the right solution for your needs, whatever your requirement.